Credit Card Payoff Calculator

Estimate how long it will you to pay off your entire credit card balance with our Credit Card Payoff Calculator.  Simply enter the amount of your credit card balance, the annual interest rate and the monthly payment amount.  The calculator will estimate how many years and months it will take to bring your balance to zero.

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How to Use a Credit Card Payoff Calculator

Nobody wants to become mired in credit card debt, which is why you probably work diligently to spend responsibly and pay off your balance each month.  Sometimes things just happen, though.  Maybe you have unexpected medical bills or car repairs.  Perhaps there’s a death in the family and you end up shouldering hundreds or thousands of dollars in related expenses.

The point is that circumstances could conspire to rack up your credit card debt, burdening you with mounting interest charges and messing with your good credit.  Month after month, you may try to pay down your card, but if you continue adding charges and tacking on interest, you might find it nearly impossible.

What can you do?  If you need a plan to pay down your credit card debt, the best way to get on track is with a credit card payoff calculator.  How can this handy tool help you?  Here’s what you need to know.


When using a credit card payoff calculator, you’ll have to input information into a few key fields, including:

  • Current balance
  • Interest rate
  • Monthly payment or number of months to complete payoff

These fields are fairly self-explanatory.  You’ll need to know your most current balance in order to break it down into monthly payments.  However, you can’t forget that even as you whittle down debt, you’ll still be charged interest on the remaining balance each month, so you also need to put in the interest rate so the calculator can factor in added interest charges over the course of paying down debt.